Success Stories


  • "Words cannot begin to express my joy, peace and relief in what you have been able to do for my daughter. Your kindness, understanding, intensive care, and expertise were an answer to a mother's prayers."
    W.N., Williamston
  • "I want to thank you for giving me the care that I need. I'm very grateful. You're a very unique doctor."
    Susan J., Webberville
  • "You are something else. My chest pains are almost gone already. You've really got the touch!"
    Tom H., Lansing
  • "I slept through the night for the first time in years."
    Bruce D., Perry
  • "You've given me a new direction in health care and more hope than I have had in 20 years of pain before being treated by you. I am so grateful, and the pain is nearly gone!"
    J.L.P., Lansing
  • "God bless you for the treatments. My husband is like a new man to me. After all the other doctors, the expression on his face was different after the second treatment."
    Sheila S., Perry
  • "Thank you for the help with my jaw. It feels better than it has in YEARS!"
    Sue A., Haslett
  • "Most of all, thanks for the gift of your skilled care. I couldn't count the times that I walked away from your office, straight again and pain free. Truly, you have made my life better and I am grateful to you for that."
    D.D.S., Williamston
  • "The benefits of your treating me for a year and a half cannot be overlooked, and this is my opportunity to again thank you for your care. Both of us are deeply grateful for that, and I know God loves what you did. Stay healthy and fit- God bless you both!"
    Jeannie L., Lansing
  • "I appreciate your 'splendid' attitude when I need a treatment at odd hours. Your talents and training bring relief to my body and spirit. God has used you as a source of hope when no other doctor has been able to help. Thanks."
    K.C., Perry
  • "You are an excellent doctor and have helped me immensely. Thank you both for your kindness at a very challenging time in my life."
    Cindy W., Haslett
  • "Man, I tell ya- you're the Best!"
    Bill F., Lansing
  • "My quality of life has improved profoundly due to the care I have received here. My deepest thanks."
    H.F., Laingsburg